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Dr. Byron Edens
by Dr. Byron Edens - Thursday, 7 July 2016, 11:20 PM

Dear Online Learning Students: Tennessee Temple University has some exciting news to share. Pending approval of our accreditation body, Tennessee Temple University will merge with Piedmont International University. The union of these two universities into one will produce a much stronger institution. Let me share with you a few related details: • Your programs online will continue and there will be no delay in the completion of your degree. We will continue to offer each student classes this summer, fall, and beyond. Our course delivery will continue the same for this summer and fall and be improved in the spring. • Through the merger, TTU students will also have an enhanced opportunity in terms of overall educational experience. Our entire online program will be transferred intact to PIU. Online students will have the advantage of continuing their education with their same professors or enjoying the opportunity to take courses from the current PIU faculty. Students will find that PIU offers a wide curriculum and a stellar faculty. • Tuition will be less. Piedmont International University (PIU) will offer a discount going forward as a part of this merger. TTU students will be able to take advantage of a lower tuition rate. PIU is offering a very gracious scholarship program to TTU students. A one-third discount will be offered not only to current TTU students but also to any student who has taken courses in the past at TTU. The discount will also apply to the children and even grandchildren of TTU students. • As VP, and Dean of Online Learning, I will continue to serve you as we embark on this new opportunity together as well as of team of online adjuncts and staff to provide you with expanded opportunities to reach your educational goals. • Sheranda Rector will continue to serve you as our Online Administrative Coordinator and can be reached by email at and my email is . Our direct office extension is 423-493-4209. If you receive Financial Aid (Pell grants, loans, etc.), the most important action you need to take is to immediately update your FAFSA by adding Piedmont International University. This is accomplished by: 1. Log into 2. Choose the option to complete the 2015-16 FAFSA Add Piedmont International University as your #1 School Choice. Federal School Code: 002956 *If you have already submitted your 2015-2016 FAFSA, you will also need to update that to PIU, following the procedure detailed above. We are truly grateful that our Lord has led us through the events which have led to this remarkable opportunity. In my experience, God is in the business of transforming our lives through the changes He leads us through. He never replaces something with second best, but strengthens us and transforms us through our faithfulness in serving Him. We look forward to serving you as you strive to reach your goals in Online Learning! Byron E. Edens, D.Min., M.Div. Vice-President, PIU 423-308-9652


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